Tuesday, 15 November 2011


My sister and brother in-law's dog, he's a lovely dog.


This is Wolfie, a scan of a photocopy of a charcoal piece I did of him several years ago.  He will be missed.  RIP Wolfie, you cantankerous little bastard.

Thinking of him now, brings to mind so many adventures.  Like the time he vanished, wandering into town only to be picked up by the police.  Imagine going to pick up this little ball of fluff at the police station!

Then there was the time he thought he'd act all tough and bark at some sheep.  Someone should have told the sheep how they were expected to act, because I tell you, those sheep can get vicious!  Wolfie discovered this all too well when one of them decided they'd ram him.  He was one sorry pup after that little bout of 'when sheep attack.'

I also remember his jaw locked around my forearm as my mum attempted to take the scissors and trim his undercarriage.  I can say I blame him for that, it's a very sensitive area to be snipping around in!

He was quite a character to be sure.


I'm a notorious scatterbrain, forgetting something recently told to me, only to remember it at the most inconvenient time.  I suppose it would help if I actually made a list, but considering the piles of loose paper scraps I have littered about, I'd most likely forget where I put it in the first place!

There is the computer of course, no doubt it would be easy enough to keep an active 'to-do' list on my desktop... But where I ask you would, I fit in my most convenient excuse for not doing something?  Yes, I wouldn't have it anymore.

With that in mind I'll go create a to-do file right now.  I know I know, the things we do to conserve the sanity of those we love eh?

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Horse portrait 1

Moving On.

Well, I'm officially 32...

Apart from the usual sense of dread and slight increase in anxiety, I can't really say that I feel much different.  After hitting 30 I got used to the prospect that certain fun foods may have to be stricken from my personal menu on account of the after-effects registering as a potential Biohazard.

I've also noted that I don't recover quite so quickly after a party; it should be noted at this point that I have set a recommended recovery time of 48hrs post party! This is not to say that I wont be up for events in this period, just don't expect much of me in any way unless you're fine with a shuffling mumbling Brit who comes across as an Ozzy clone.

Sunday, 6 November 2011


When I was a lad of... O' 17 or so, still in the grip of that hormonal teen nightmare, I conceptualized a character that summed up how I felt about myself at the time.  This Alter-Ego I should say I named Danarbal, the Vampiric Lord of Judges.  This was a fallen spirit given reprieve through the power of Love, a somewhat wretched persona raised from the shadow that continues its earthly wanderings beneath the light of Day (despite the negative reaction of such solar exposure) in his relentless quest for love.  Somewhat masochistic and melodramatic I must say, yet he remains a part of me, much like the shadow of our pasts from which we learn as, we move forwards from the present into the realm of possibility supplied by our prospective futures.

Thoughts Nov6/11

I am 2 days away from turning 32 and what do I have to show for it?  A whole stack of notepads, sketchpads and other assorted pieces of paper with who knows what plastered over it.  Paintings and ramblings of mundane and mystical ponderings that do nothing to advance the quality of life for myself or that of my family.  So guess what?  I think it's high time that I started sharing them, don't you?

Up to this point, procrastination on this issue has been my calling card.  An ever pervading psyche of self criticism that verges on the insane as I talk myself out of sharing my work time and time again.  Who would want to read this, look at that? Why would anyone care?  Such self depreciating thoughts and more have forced me into a form of mental prison that has no true reason to exist other than stifling my own personal growth.

This rather unhealthy trend I'm of a mind to see end, and with this in mind I have decided to try the good ol' blog method.  It may turn out to be so much white noise, blending seamlessly in with all the other garbage that makes up the bulk of the internet, but who cares right?  Time I added some shit of my own.